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What Most People Think with Geoff Norcott

Jul 31, 2020

This week we're reacting to Wiley's anti-Semitic rant and wondering if the far-left and far-right fancy each other. We then look at govt's pussy footing around the issue of obesity.

In the letters section we get responses to the Ep 47 with Marcus Brigstocke and I get stick for not liking masks. We finish with a bit of...

Jul 25, 2020

Me and Marcus Brigstocke have had a couple of Twitter skirmishes over the years. So after the most recent one I thought 'why not take it to a podcast' like real men. We ask challenging questions. It's political, sometimes intense, sometimes a laugh. I'm really glad we had this chat.

There's also the usual bollocks...

Jul 16, 2020

This week we're looking at face mask coverings and why some people are a bit too comfortable with the government telling them what to do. We also discuss the 12 year old boy taken into actual police custody for racist tweets. Then I propose that future generations might look back on this time and think we should've...

Jul 10, 2020

Been looking forward to this chat for months. We got into identity issues on the Left, the recent cancel culture letter, what it's like to fall out with your own side and so much more. I also do a couple of dodgy accents as usual and we remember a dodgy scene from American Beauty. 

Jul 3, 2020

This week we're talking about headteachers trying to tell parents how to talk about race. We then look at the pond-life who leave litter in parks....and ponds. Finally it's a look at predatory males in entertainment and an appeal for advice on how to speak to our sons. 

However, most importantly, in the letters section...