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What Most People Think with Geoff Norcott

Aug 29, 2023

This week I climb into Sadiq's expansion of Ulez to greater London. I ask when he's ever going to do something popular with everybody. 

I also talk about being a parent and the responsibility of telling them bad stuff from history. But what if they don't think it's bad?...

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Aug 21, 2023

It's a game of two halves this week. I respond to the news around the cancellation of Graham Linehan's gig and general issues at the Edinburgh Fringe. Then it's some bloke chat as myself and the Man Whisperer ponder whether society dislikes blokes. 

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Aug 15, 2023

A very funny episode this week as me and Leo get bent out of shape by woke posturing around the news Disney Snow White film. We also talk about how the govts small boats week backfired spectacularly and why you should be allowed to say if someone looks like your lesbian Nanna. 

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Aug 8, 2023

This is such a funny episode. Co-host Ian Stone was on great form. Despite being a centre-left guy, he's not too fond of Mr Starmer. I also launch a defence for Tories earning big money from second jobs, whilst we try to talk about the Lionesses without saying anything patronising. 

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Aug 1, 2023

I'm on holiday this week, so I pre-recorded a fascinating chat with advertising guru Paul Burke. Paul spills the beans on a number of secrets from the progressive obsessed world of modern advertising. Not only that he talks about being part of the team which sold Blair in the late Nineties, but he also has a...