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What Most People Think with Geoff Norcott

Oct 15, 2020

As the political establishment seems to want the country to hibernate like a bear, we chat about the latest in another manic week. From Boris to Rishi and Starmer finally growing a pair. 

We also look at the return of crap Lockdown adverts and have a quick chat about men's mental health. 

I also try to start a support...

Oct 9, 2020

Despite trying to sabotage my own technology I finally got this episode out. After a mental week in politics it's only right that we have a big catch-up on Rishi's mauling, Starmer's stalling & Sturgeon falling. 

Then I pick the brains of TV critic of the people Garry Bushell about the current telly landscape, music and...

Oct 1, 2020

This we week we've got the reaction to the reaction to the Presidential debates. Is Biden just an old guy trying to stave off going to the home? We also look at Fred Perry demonising one of their own t-shirts and why people who like Autumn are mentally ill.

In the letters we get responses to last week's explosive...

Sep 25, 2020

After our usual catch-up, I speak to brilliant comic Tania Edwards. This was a surprisingly intense but worthwhile chat. Tania is very angry at a lot of what is happening with Covid restrictions. Unusually for a comic, she's got the research to back it up. Have a listen. Do you agree? 

As well as the serious stuff I...

Sep 18, 2020

From the fog of a hangover I can confidently say this is the best sound I've ever produced on the podcast. The chat was ok too. Brexit, Covid & some KFC conspiracy theories. Also my favourite letter for sometime from a man who clearly needs to grow a pair.